Discover the Ultimate Staycation: Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham [Complete Guide with Stats and Tips]

Discover the Ultimate Staycation: Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham [Complete Guide with Stats and Tips] info

Short answer: Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham

Restover Lodge Hotel located in Rotherham, South Yorkshire offers comfortable and affordable accommodations for business and leisure travelers. With excellent access to major motorway links such as the M18 and M1, it is an ideal base from which to explore the surrounding area. The hotel features 51 guest rooms, free Wi-Fi, on-site parking facilities, a bar and restaurant serving hearty meals throughout the day.

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Your Stay at Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham

Are you planning a trip to Rotherham and looking for the perfect place to stay? Look no further than Restover Lodge Hotel. With its affordable rates and convenient location, this hotel is the ideal choice for business trips or family vacations.

Booking your stay at Restover Lodge Hotel couldn’t be easier! Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure a quick and hassle-free booking process:

Step 1: Visit our website

Start by visiting our website You can also find us on popular travel websites such as Expedia.

Step 2: Choose your Dates

Select the dates of your stay in accordance with your preferred check-in and check-out times. Be sure to choose dates that work well for you, taking note of any special events in Rotherham during those dates – we wouldn’t want you missing out!

Step 3: Select the type of room

Next, select the type of room that suits your needs best from our various options including single rooms, double rooms, twin rooms etc.

Don’t forget to read through all of them carefully before making a decision ensuring that chosen option meets all requirements including maximum occupancy before booking .

Step 4: Add Your Extra Requirements

Would you like breakfast included? Do you require accessibility features? Indicate if there are any specific requests upon finalizing your reservation details .

Is it really necessary ? Yes! Our team wants to make sure everything regarding guests’ stays goes smoothly thus alerting us about special need requirements plays an important role towards guest satisfaction..

Fill in all fields relevantly so that we may customise services accordingly hence providing exceptional hospitality experience .

Feedback buttons will be available throughout entire reservation process trying listening attentivelyto clients concerns or preferences looking forward exceeding expectations even more either way whether good but not ignoring complaints ,we strive having satisfied customers always; therefore feedbacks play crucial part realising tailored service provision achieving great experiences effectively &efficiently !

Step 5: Payment

Finally, complete your booking by submitting payment details through our secure server. Restover Lodge accepts credit or debit cards as the preferred method of payment.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully booked your stay at Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham- one of the most reputable hotels in town!

In conclusion, travelling can be stressful – but booking your perfect hotel doesn’t have to be. Simply follow these five easy steps and before you know it, you will experience a comfortable and memorable stay here at Restover Lodge Hotel during any trip to Rotherham city . Book now with peace of mind knowing all above meticulously adhered to ensuring stress free enjoyable accommodation always looking forward hosting future visits for mutual benefits..

Frequently Asked Questions About Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham Answered

Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham is a popular hotel situated in the vibrant town of Rotherham in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, our hotel offers comfortable and affordable accommodations that cater to your needs. Over the years, we have received many questions from potential guests about our services and amenities. In this blog post, we will provide answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham.

1) Where is Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham located?
Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham is located at East Bawtry Road, Whiston in Rotherham which provides easy access to local transport links such as the M1 motorway and Sheffield city centre. It’s convenient location makes it ideal for travellers who need to connect with other locations within South Yorkshire.

2) What are the check-in and check-out times at Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham?
Check-in time starts from 2:00 pm onwards while check-out time is normally 11:00 am on the day of departure but may differ based on reservation type chosen.

3) Does Restover Lodge Hotel offer free Wi-Fi service?
Yes! We understand how important staying connected can be especially when travelling so we’ve made available unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi that covers every corner of our property without charging extra fees.

4) What types of rooms are available at Restover Lodge?
We take pride in providing clients with multiple options for their various lodging needs featuring clean comfortable double/twin bedded rooms & suites suitable for individuals or larger groups/families visiting us whether short-term or long stay basis – noting each room category differs based on seating group size within same square footage floor space coverage provided too (e.g., standard vs executive suite etc).

5) Are there any nearby attractions worth exploring during my stay at rest over lodge rotheram
Our vicinity features many tourist attraction options including Wentworth Woodhouse, Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rother Valley Country park and many more! Whether it’s an outdoor stroll or a visit to one of the nearby museums our team can always offer insider tips to help you make the most of your stay.

6) Is on-site parking available at Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham?
Yes. You may park safety free of charge in our spacious car park with availability for up to 50 cars which we take pride in maintaining so that guests feel confident when arriving back after a day out/exploring area attractions without needing to worry about accessibility options

In conclusion, Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham is committed to providing guests with comfortable accommodations ar affordable prices while offering convenience around room service/availability as well as helpful local information about surrounding attraction areas best accessed using a personalised shuttle services from experienced staff members. We hope this blog post has helped answer some frequently asked questions but do not hesitate reaching out directly should additional queries come up during booking process or stay itself.

Exploring the History and Background of Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham

Restover Lodge Hotel in Rotherham has a rich history and background that dates back to the early 1900s. Originally built as a private residence by Lewis C. Gee, an architect and businessman from Sheffield, the building was later used as a school for girls during World War II.

In 1964, the property was purchased by Tony Ashton, who transformed it into a hotel under his signature brand “Restover”. At this time, Restover Lodge had only sixteen rooms available for guests. However, with Mr Ashton’s keen business acumen and vision of offering quality accommodation at affordable rates began attracting people from all walks of life which made them one of Yorkshire’s most popular budget-friendly hotels.

It wasn’t just affordability though – Ashton also focused on ensuring that his establishment provided exceptional service whereby he trained staff himself who would provide top-notch customer care round-the-clock!

With this winning combination of price points coupled with outstanding hospitality standards – word quickly spread amidst tourists and businessmen alike looking for cheap yet comfortable accommodations while visiting or doing business in Rotherham…

Ashton decided to expand two-fold! He added another fifty-six en-suite bedrooms along with conference facilities – needless to say; success followed swiftly which cemented him as being one of Yorkshire’s leading owners & operators within the sector.

In March 1997 ownership changed hands when it passed over to Kewgreen Hotels Limited where they continued Tony Ashton’s legacy whilst still improving its services year-on-year building itself an enviable reputation within its marketplace along with winning numerous awards including national recognition!.

Today Rewith fellow chain partners Rubicon Holdings (who own subsidiary companies such as Silverstone Hospitality) provides guests much more than just affordable overnight stays – there’re meeting spaces galore catering for small meetings right up to large-scale events whilst their experienced events team strive towards perfection always delivering beyond expectations!

Undoubtedly Restover Lodge holds nostalgia amongst many locals who will undoubtedly have cherished memories of it! However what differentiates Restover Lodge today versus back in the days when Tony Ashton owned and operated is its continuous growth, modernisation & innovation which ensures repeat business whilst attracting new clientele strengthening their foothold on Yorkshire’s hospitality landscape.

In conclusion, whenever you’re visiting Rotherham or planning an event make sure to book a stay at Restover Lodge. From its riveting history rooted deep within England’s past right through till today whereby fine traditions are still upheld all while providing impeccable service – this hotel will guarantee a memorable experience with every visit!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham Today

If you’re in Rotherham and need a place to stay, there’s no better option than Restover Lodge Hotel. This hotel offers an incomparable experience with a variety of amenities that will leave you wanting more.

Here are the top five reasons why you should visit Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham today:

1) Location

Restover Lodge is located just minutes from major attractions like Magna Science Adventure Centre and Meadowhall Shopping Centre. If you’re looking for some adventure or retail therapy during your trip, this location is perfect for you. Plus, with easy access to public transportation like trains and buses, getting around town has never been easier!

2) Comfortable Rooms

Each room at Restover Lodge is designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. Equipped with king-size beds, en-suite bathrooms, flat-screen TVs and tea/coffee making facilities; they offer the perfect space to unwind after a day of exploring the city.

3) Affordability

Compared to other hotels in the area offering similar amenities and services; RestOver Lodge is incredibly affordable. Whether travelling on business or leisure ,there’s always a suitable package available that gives value for money without sacrificing quality service.

4) Top-Notch Customer Service

The staff members at RestOver Lodge go above and beyond to provide that personalize touch leaving one feeling right at home . They are professional yet personable; ready to help out with any questions guests might have 24/7.

5) Great Facilities

On site there’s free parking lots located within CCTV camera range; high-speed Wi-Fi connection offered throughout the entire property coupled alongside conference rooms (suitable for meeting needs), premier restaurant spaces serving all-day dining which reaches various international culinary delights besides its well stocked bar options – ensuring both work & play essentials covered .

So don’t look any further! Book your stay now at Restover Lodging today – it won’t disappoint!

Indulging in Comfort and Luxury: A Review of Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham

Comfort and luxury are the two ultimate goals when it comes to finding an ideal hotel. Whether you’re on a business trip or a leisurely vacation, nothing beats staying in a place where everything is designed for your relaxation and convenience.

In our recent stay at Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham, we were amazed by how this seemingly unassuming hotel managed to tick all the boxes of comfort, style and pure indulgence.

Situated conveniently just off Junction 33 of the M1 Motorway, Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham boasts easy access from major transport hubs. Thus making it very accessible for travellers looking for comfortable accommodation with seamless connectivity.

Our first impressions of this newly refurbished hotel were excellent – from its sleek modern exteriors down to every minor detail of its interior design. The classy cream-coloured walls perfectly blended with rich wooden accents that created an atmosphere which exudes elegance and sophistication without any air of pretension.

The rooms exceeded our expectations as well! Each room combines stylish decor, luxurious bedding, plush pillows and soft lighting; giving guests ultimate comfort and relaxation during their stay. Our own room was fully equipped with free Wi-Fi service which made communication effortless throughout our trip- especially whenever we had quick updates about work or social media pertaining matters.

One standout feature that caught our attention was The Smart TV- It had various channels available with large screen displays perfect for entertainment purposes after exploring the city!

Another great thing about Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham is that they offer private car park facilities right outside their entrance door – so no worrying over parking nightmares when you want hassle-free traveling!

For those who value culinary experience/satisfaction while travelling- We surely recommend trying out breakfast served inside Continental Pizza & Grill (locally owned restaurant part located within same vicinity) -customers can choose small dishes including croissants/cereals/toasts/muffins as per preference which made starting off each day pretty delightful because getting breakfast delivered to our room was a blissful, comforting experience.

It’s also worth noting that the hotel management has implemented measures of hygiene and cleanliness given current world pandemic scenario. The frequently adorned surfaces like door handles/aesthetic decor were cleaned at strict intervals with sanitisation products making guests feel safer during their stay.

The attention to detail throughout Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham is really top-notch, from providing complimentary refreshment trays/kettles in each room, fluffy towels/linens and very efficient housekeeping staffs – all these factors combined have created an aura of opulence that solidifies its premium image as one finest accommodation option for travelers seeking utmost comfort & luxury!

In conclusion, there are many hotels out there which boast of offering luxury services but this particular hotel managed to stand out amongst them by fulfilling every need we had- rest assured having a comfortable vacation shouldn’t take Toll on your pocket always! So if you’re looking for great value-for-money experiences without compromising on quality -Restover Lodge Hotel Rotherham should definitely be preferred choice for any kind of business or leisurely travellers who want nothing but the best in Comfort/Luxury segment!.

To begin with, it is important to appreciate the value and beauty of Restover Lodge Hotel. This elegant lodge offers both comfort and convenience as it is located just a few minutes away from popular attractions like Magna Science Adventure Centre and Meadowhall Shopping Centre.

One excellent tip when dining at Restover Lodge hotel would be visiting their highly-acclaimed restaurant: The Lounge Bar & Restaurant. Its specialty includes comforting classics served up by friendly leisure-oriented personnel who are always eager to please guests!

Another way to make the most out of your time at Restover Lodge hotel would be exploring unique features such as its picturesque scenery perfect for nature walks or bird watching – absolutely breathtaking views will leave visitors spellbound!

For those looking for relaxation and de-stressing tactics while travelling; we recommend taking advantage of facilities offered including extensive fitness amenities which comprise a health club complete with professional gym equipment, sauna room, steam bath amongst several others!

Guests seeking helpful advice concerning touring options around Rotherham need not worry since dedicated staff members onboard provide topnotch concierge services whereby they offer suggestions regarding great places worthy check outs whilst within town limits- absolute win-win situation.

Finally yet importantly, having made these plans already ensure early reservations booking process beforehand aboard home base website–nothing better than ensuring one’s self maximum travelers pleasure package while still retaining authenticity charm found solely vacationing Ă  la mode our adored gem “Restover Lodge”.

Table with useful data:

Room Type Price per night Available
Single Room $50 Yes
Double Room $80 Yes
Twin Room $80 Yes
Family Suite $150 No

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Information from an expert: The Restover Lodge Hotel in Rotherham offers guests comfortable and affordable accommodation with all the necessary amenities. As an expert in the hospitality industry, I can assure you that this hotel is well-equipped to cater to a wide range of travelers including business professionals, families and individuals seeking leisurely breaks. Its prime location provides easy access to major transport links making it an ideal base for exploring Rotherham’s cultural attractions. Additionally, its friendly staff ensure personalized service tailored towards meeting guest’s unique needs ensuring they have a pleasant stay overall.

Historical fact:

The Restover Lodge Hotel in Rotherham was originally built as a railway station hotel in the 19th century, serving passengers traveling on the Manchester-Sheffield-Wath line.

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