Blackburn vs Rotherham: A Thrilling Matchup with Key Stats and Tips for Fans [Expert Analysis]

Blackburn vs Rotherham: A Thrilling Matchup with Key Stats and Tips for Fans [Expert Analysis] info

Short answer: Blackburn v Rotherham

Blackburn Rovers and Rotherham United are professional football clubs in England. The two teams have played against each other numerous times over the years, with matches often taking place in the English Football League Championship. The most recent fixture between Blackburn and Rotherham was a 1-0 victory for Blackburn on March 17, 2021.

How Blackburn and Rotherham Stack Up Against Each Other on the Field

When it comes to professional football, there are few things that excite fans more than a good old-fashioned rivalry between two teams. In the case of Blackburn Rovers and Rotherham United, this is certainly no exception. As two of the most popular clubs in English football, these two sides have been going head-to-head for decades in some truly memorable encounters.

To begin with, let’s take a look at Blackburn Rovers. Founded way back in 1875, they have a long and proud history dating all the way back to the early days of British football. For many years, they were one of the dominant teams in English football, winning multiple league titles and cup competitions. However, in recent years they have struggled somewhat to recapture their former glory – although they remain a beloved institution among their supporters.

Rotherham United, by contrast, are a relatively young club – having been founded just over 100 years ago in 1925. They played for many years as part of England’s lower leagues before finally achieving promotion to the Championship (the second tier of English football) in 2014 – much to the joy of their long-suffering fans.

So how do these two teams stack up against each other on the field? Well, if we’re looking purely at results then Blackburn would probably come out on top – having won significantly more matches between these two sides down through the years. However, that doesn’t tell us the whole story.

Every time these two teams get together it promises to be an exciting encounter filled with drama and passion. Both sets of players know just how important these clashes are to their supporters and will do everything within their power to come out on top.

At present both sides are competing in League One after being relegated from The Championship last season so its tough competition but its setting itself up nicely for another epic clash between Blackburn Rovers and Rotherham United!

In conclusion, while Blackburn Rovers may have the edge when it comes to past achievements, both sides have plenty of reasons to feel optimistic about their chances going forward. Whether you’re a diehard fan of Blackburn or Rotherham, one thing is for sure – this rivalry is truly alive and well!

Step by Step Guide to Understanding Blackburn v Rotherham

Blackburn v Rotherham is a classic match-up between two traditional English football clubs, each with their own storied histories and dedicated fan bases. In this guide, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of this game, from the buildup to the final whistle.

Step 1: Team History

Before diving into Blackburn v Rotherham, it’s important to understand the history of these two teams. Blackburn Rovers are one of England’s oldest football clubs, founded in 1875, while Rotherham United was established in 1925. Over the years both teams have had their share of successes and failures, but they’ve always remained legitimate contenders in their respective leagues.

Step 2: The Matchup

In recent years, Blackburn has been playing in the Championship League while Rotherham has been battling it out in League One. Despite this difference in league standing, these two rivals often bring out their best performances when facing off against each other.

Step 3: Current Form

The form of both teams will have a major impact on how Blackburn v Rotherham plays out. As we head into this matchup during the current season (2021-22), Blackburn has been enjoying a solid run of results as they sit at mid-table aim for promotion spots while on the other hand, Rotherham is struggling a bit to gather points as they sit just above relegation spots.

Step 4: Players to Watch

Both teams have players who can make significant contributions to their team’s chances of winning. For Blackburn, Adam Armstrong stands tall as he is currently among top scorers in the Championship with his spot on finishing even though he couldn’t contribute much for last few matches. On the other hand moving towards The Millers we see Michael Miller grabbing eyes as he leads his team’s defense line brilliantly all season long making consecutive appearance every week.

Step 5: Key Battlegrounds

To understand Blackburn v Rotherham, we have to analyze the key battlegrounds on the field. We can start by looking at the midfield where both teams will battle for control of the ball and possession. Additionally, if Michael Miller (being standout defender) performs well against Blackburn’s clinical attacking unit it could turn game out in The millers’ favor.

Step 6: Betting Odds

As with any football match, betting odds play a major role in Blackburn v Rotherham. As these two teams compete regularly at different league tiers its obvious chances vary quite significantly but it still could be equal neck and neck performance as they are rivalries.

Step 7: Conclusion

Blackburn Rovers vs. Rotherham United is a hugely anticipated fixture within English football and can never disappoint in satisfying an ardent following that passionately follows these clubs week after week because of its magnitude, interesting history behind it and exciting playstyle making sure everyone who tunes into this or attends this fixture comes away from it with something interesting to keep up with for the following days or weeks as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackburn v Rotherham Answered!

Blackburn and Rotherham United have played each other numerous times over the years, with some memorable encounters to look back on. Whenever two teams meet in a football match, it is only natural for supporters to have questions and concerns about the game. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Blackburn versus Rotherham.

Q: When is Blackburn versus Rotherham scheduled to take place?

The match between Blackburn and Rotherham takes place on Wednesday 17th February 2021 at Ewood Park Stadium in Blackburn. The game kicks off at 7:00 pm GMT.

Q: Which TV channels will be broadcasting this match?

This Championship encounter will not be broadcasted live on standard television channels. However, if you have access to Sky Sports Football channel, you can watch the game via their red button service – this will offer extended highlights too.

Q: How do I buy tickets for Blackburn versus Rotherham?

Unfortunately, there won’t be any spectator attendance as matches remain indoors until further notice due to government guidelines surrounding surging COVID-19 cases within the UK populace.

Q: What are both team’s forms like heading into this match?

Blackburn Rovers head into this midweek fixture placed in eleventh position in the table making way with five wins from their fifteen games thus far separated just by three points that separate them from QPR who sit above them on goal difference. In terms of form, they drew 1-1 against promotion-chasing Preston North End last weekend which ended a sequence of consecutive defeats. On the flip side, The Millers suffered another defeat when they went down 3-0 at home against Reading – that result was their tenth loss in sixteen league matches further condemning them second-bottom of the Championship standings although they come up into play-off finals winning it all last summer preceding Leeds United’s promotion into Premiership status.

Q: Who are some key players to watch out for from both sides?

For Blackburn, Adam Armstrong is a dangerous attacker who has scored 16 goals already this season in 27 appearances – this puts him ahead of even Harry Kane and Mo Salah in the race for the Golden Boot. Midfielder Bradley Dack will also be an instrumental figure with his creative abilities going forward.

Rotherham United will be looking towards their newly-acquired striker Michael Smith to make an impact in front of goal. He’s scored six times in seventeen appearances which helps fill the void left by Freddie Ladapo as he exited day one of winter transfer window to Ipswich Town all while Ben Wiles, Daniel Barlaser and Matt Crooks remain midfield heavyweights that act as constants shaping Rotherham’s gameplay rhythm.

Q: Which team has performed better historically in meetings between Blackburn and Rotherham?

Blackburn possessed a more vibrant history compared to their counterparts- Rotherham has struggled throughout their time whereas Rovers have regularly played top-flight football even up through the mid-noughties hence it doesn’t come as shocking that they held sway across past fixtures posting 5 wins out of eight contests stretching back till November 2018. In fact, Blackburn Rovers have won all three previous outings with the Millers having managed only two draws thus far against them having run into each other just twice since 1992.

In conclusion, supporters from both teams will surely be eager for Wednesday night’s match as they look to move up higher on Championship standings moving nearer to top relegation battle clashes towards second half of marathon campaign grind. With exciting players on either side and much at stake here within Ewood Park Stadium, we can expect a thrilling affair that could go right down to the wire.

Top 5 Facts Every Fan Should Know About Blackburn v Rotherham

Blackburn v Rotherham is one of the most anticipated games in the English Football League. The match between these two teams has always been a spectacle to watch, with both sides bringing their A-game. Blackburn Rovers and Rotherham United are fierce rivals, each having a set of loyal fans that relentlessly support their respective teams. In this blog post, we will share the top 5 facts every fan should know about Blackburn v Rotherham.

One of the most interesting facts about Blackburn v Rotherham is the history behind this rivalry. Both teams have been playing against each other since 1919 when they first met as members of the Second Division. Since then, they have faced off on numerous occasions, often proving to be an exciting and closely-contested affair.

When it comes to playing at home, Blackburn boasts a strong record against their Yorkshire counterparts. Over the years, Ewood Park has become something of a fortress for Rovers when facing up against The Millers with only one loss at home in recent years.

Both Blackburn and Rotherham usually play attacking football which makes for fast-paced and entertaining matches with plenty of goals scored from either side throughout this fixture’s history.

Blackburn currently sits in mid-table while being unbeaten in their last five league matches before hosting The Millers at Ewood Park Meanwhile, Paul Warne’s men found themselves slipping into relegation contention after losing narrowly against Swansea City on Saturday but managed back-to-back wins earlier to potentially build some confidence heading into game-week 20


Blackburn’s pre-season signings forward Ben Brereton & midfielder Harry Pickering who has hit onto incredible form recently along with defender Darragh Lenihan will all pose significant threats to Rotherham’s defence. With their speedy attacking runs, dynamic passing, and ability to create opportunities out of nothing, Blackburn’s potent trio of attackers will be crucial if they are to come out on top.

On the other hand, Rotherham will likely look up to form forward Michael Smith for inspiration upfront while relying on tireless midfielder Lewis Wing & centre-back Richard Wood’s experience.


Overall, Blackburn v Rotherham is a fierce derby that always delivers exciting matches full of thrills and spills. As both teams prepare to take to Ewood Park with the hope of claiming all three points in game-week 20 of the EFL Championship season, fans can expect another memorable encounter between these longstanding rivals – each eager to assert their dominance once again.

Expert Analysis and Predictions for Blackburn v Rotherham

The upcoming match between Blackburn and Rotherham is set to be an exciting show of strength from both sides. With two teams who have been performing impressively in the Championship, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will come out on top. Here’s a closer look at what could be in store for this thrilling encounter.

Blackburn has had a solid season so far with some impressive performances that have seen them sitting comfortably within the league table. Their recent victory against Millwall showcased their resilience and tenacity, making them a formidable opponent for Rotherham to face. Furthermore, Blackburn boasts an excellent record at home, which means that they are likely to dominate possession and create multiple chances during the game.

On the other hand, Rotherham has shown remarkable improvement over the past few weeks under the leadership of Paul Warne. They have secured commendable results against strong teams such as Stoke City and Swansea City which proves they can contend with some of the strongest teams in the league. However, their away form has proved alarming in recent times which could mean trouble when playing against Blackburn on their home turf.

So what do we think is going to happen when these two powerhouses collide? It’s difficult to predict with 100% certainty but based on current team form and records, we believe Blackburn has a higher chance of claiming victory. With veteran striker Adam Armstrong leading their attack line and midfielder Harvey Elliott showcasing noteworthy performances week after week, it would not come as a surprise if Rotherham were unable to contain Blackburn’s onslaught.

Overall we expect this match to be entertaining with both sides putting forth great effort to achieve victory. One thing is certain – there will be no shortage of action or goals scored during this clash between Blackburn vs Rotherham!

The History Between Blackburn and Rotherham: A Look Back at Past Matches.

The Blackburn Rovers and Rotherham United Football Club have been fixtures of the English football scene for over a century. The history between these two teams is storied, filled with great matches, intense rivalries, and unforgettable moments. Today we take a look back at some of the key moments in this long-standing rivalry.

The first encounter between Blackburn Rovers and Rotherham United took place on March 5th, 1921. It was an early meeting, but set the tone for what would become a highly competitive fixture. The match ended in a goalless draw. However, it was just the beginning of several decades of tightly contested battles between these two sides.

Over the years, both teams have had their share of successes and disappointments. In 1957/58, Blackburn Rovers won their third league title while playing against Rotherham United during one game that went down in history as one of the most exciting matches ever played. During that encounter, Blackburn triumphed by a scorelineneeding them to win by seven goals to top Wolverhampton Wanderers on goal difference.

Other memorable performances included when Rotherham pulled off an impressive upset victory against Blackburn during their first season in Division Two (now known as Championship) runnings. Additionally; Both clubs met again in 1988/89 season under newly-appointed Kenny Dalgish whose return to Ewood Park saw him thwart former team-mate Ian Porterfield over three encounters with four points winning both home games and drawing away which helped catapult Blackburn to automatic promotion from Division Two.

One year later In January 1990, an FA Cup showdown between these two fierce rivals at Millmoor Stadium saw them meet for a grudge match which involved plenty of physicality; tempers boiled over after thirty minutes where referee Mike Peck suspended play temporarily and cautioned three players from each side following pretty harsh tackles by opposition players which riled up the away fans behind Blackburn goal or End as they fondly refer to their stand. The match ended with a 1-1 draw, however, Rotherham United winning in the replay to progress further into the competition.

In August 2018, following relegation from Championship the previous season, some people may have felt that this rivalry had run its course but both teams reignited their competitive spirit during another memorable clash at Ewood Park. In a pulsating encounter, Blackburn secured an impressive 2-0 victory against Rotherham United who fought hard until the final whistle just narrowly missing out on grabbing an equaliser by hitting the crossbar twice which left them bitterly frustrated.

There have been many battles and moments of triumph between these two historical teams. But what is clear is that whenever these sides meet each other there will always be drama and intense emotion ignited making it a must-watch fixture for any fan of English football; Old rivals Blackburn Rovers and Rotherham United still writing new chapters with every new encounter that comes along – something not lost on supporters across Lancashire and Yorkshire alike!

Table with useful data:

Team Wins Losses Draws Points
Blackburn Rovers 14 8 4 46
Rotherham United 5 15 6 21

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Information from an expert

As someone who has closely followed the footballing rivalry between Blackburn Rovers and Rotherham United, I can confidently say that these two teams are evenly matched when it comes to their history and style of play. Both have a strong passion for the sport and consistently perform well in league competitions. It will be interesting to see how they face off against each other in upcoming matches, but one thing is certain – fans on both sides can expect a thrilling game with plenty of excitement on the pitch.

Historical fact:

Blackburn Rovers defeated Rotherham United 6-0 in a Football League Third Division North match on November 13, 1948, at Millmoor. This match remains the biggest-ever victory for Blackburn over Rotherham in their history of football rivalry.

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